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B&G Suspension Car

Born of the pure passion for driving, B&G incorporates this passion into every S2 Sport Lowering Spring, RS2 Coilover and Race Spring component we produce. We thrive on the handling of a finely tuned vehicle, and our mission is to bring this exhilaration to every individual who chooses a B&G product.

Based on our passion for driving, B&G products not only give your street vehicle an aggressive look and stance, but the best combination of ride and handling on the market. That’s why our engineers design the thrill of driving that secluded mountain pass into every system. Why we incorporate the adrenaline rush of Europe’s famous road courses into a Sunday drive. Why our products bring the stance of the world’s top race cars to your driveway.

B&G, it’s not about getting from Point A to Point B, but the ride in between. B&G Suspension . . . It’s about the drive!